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Pagid Racing Compounds Pagid Racing Compounds have a very high content of non-ferrous (ceramic) materials. The difference to competitor's metallic compounds is the superior thermal insulation and higher heat resistance combined with low heat conductivity, reducing heat transfer to the caliper (up to 140F) preventing boiling of the fluid. All Pagid Racing Compounds are designed to minimize wear of the pad-rotor system, while maintaining optimum bite, brake modulation and pedal feel. All friction compounds meet or surpass all current ecological standards of the automotive industry. Pagid RSL Compound is recommended for endurance racing. Main features: wide operating temperature range, low heat conductivity, very good modulation and conrollability, excellent release characteristics, disc friendly, slightly progressive in-stop behavior. Also performs well with ABS systems. Pagid RST Compound is recommended for sprint and rally racing. Main features: consistently firm pedal at all temperatures, good cold friction, good modulation and controllability, fade resistant at highest disc temperatures, progressive in-stop behavior with instant pedal response. Pagid Racing employs dual retention systems, with an adhesive bond and a patented mechanical system. The mechanical system consists of brass studs that are welded directly to the back plate to ensure a positive retention between pad compoundand the back plate. These brass studs are soifter than the brake disc (rotor) and wear away as the pad is cosumed causing no damage to the disc.


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